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Use this form to submit an abstract for a presentation you wish to give at the UNITE Conference. After completing the form, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

Session Title
Enter the title of your session, 90 characters maximum.
Enter an abstract of your session topic. This should give delegates the information they will need to decide whether the presentation will be useful to them and whether they should attend. Two or three paragraphs is usually sufficient. Note that this is a "rich text" control – you can create bullet and number lists and use font styling such as bold and italic. You can also copy/paste from plain text and Microsoft Word documents.
Interest Groups
Select the Interest Groups below that apply to your presentation. Primary means that your presentation definitely relates to or is associated with that area of interest. Secondary means that it is peripherally or potentially related. Select at least one Primary.
Session Type
Select the type of session you plan to present.
Presenter Type
Specify the presenter's relationship to the UNITE conference. If you have multiple presenters with differing relationships, specify "Joint."
Target Audience
Specify the target audience(s) you plan to address with your presentation. Select at least one, but all that apply.
Session Length
Select the length of session you plan to present, rounded up to the next whole hour. For sessions longer than two hours, specify "Other" and describe the length in the Comments area.
Add one or more speakers to the presentation abstract. An abstract cannot be submitted unless it has at least one speaker.
Add Speaker
If you have a non-speaker contact you wish to be notified for updates and other messages concerning this session, enter their information here.
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Enter any special requirements, additional audio-visual or networking needs, non-standard session length, considerations for scheduling this session relative to other sessions in the conference, or anything else you think the conference planning team needs to know about your presentation.

Please review your entries above carefully before submitting your abstract for consideration. You will not be able to modify this information yourself after the form is submitted.

Note that in submitting this abstract you are committing to conduct the presentation at the conference if the abstract is accepted by UNITE and to grant UNITE the right to use the information on this form and any materials you provide during your presentation in any manner UNITE deems necessary.

Thank you for submitting an abstract for the UNITE .